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Lviv region tours

In fact, the Carpathians are not so far away from Lviv !!! In just one day you can visit the National Park "Skolivski Beskydy" and admire the beauty of the mountains from the rocks of the legendary Tustan !!!
10 hours
Pilgrimage tour to the Orthodox holy places of Western Ukraine. The Pochayiv Lavra of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin belongs to the most famous and most visited monasteries and pilgrimage sites in Ukraine. The magnificent Baroque ensemble also attracts visitors with its architecture.
9 hours
Take a ride with the wind in the Carpathian narrow-line railway, receive the blessing from the Mother of God - "Queen of the Carpathians" on Yasna Gora Mountain and try to find the treasures of the legendary guerilla leader Oleksa Dovbush. What an adventure for an interesting and busy day !!!
10 hours
The most western region of Ukraine - Transcarpathia is actually not so far from Lviv. Take advantage of the opportunity to travel through the Carpathians and visit the three most famous palace-castle complexes of the Carpathian Rus located over the Cartpathian mountain-pass.
15-16 hours
This is a trip for nature lovers to the largest legendary Carpathian lake Synevyr and one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Shypot. And all the way you will be accompanied by incredible landscapes of the Carpathians !!!
15-16 hours
Little-known monuments of the defense architecture of Galicia are waiting for you. We will browse through the heroic pages of the chronicle of the Zvenigorod principality, and all this in the picturesque Hologors Hills.
7-8 hours
Strangely enough, but one of the largest industrial centers in Galicia, city of Drohobych is located right next to the most famous Ukrainian resort - Truskavets. You will learn a lot about the fates of famous people who are involved with these places: Yuri Drohobych-Kotermak, Ivan Franko, Bruno Schultz, Mauritius Gottlieb, Kazimierz Vezhinsky and many…
8 hours
If you want to visit the places where the Polish kings were born, where Bogdan Khmelnytsky spent his childhood and finally admire the glory of the Galician Versailles, then we invite you to this one-day journey.
8 hours

Extrim tours

Love your travels, nature, and enjoy a delicious one - then invite you to a bike trip to Eliza Farm, the fabulous world of the Skole Beskydy or three-day cycling tours of the Ukrainian Carpathians
1 - 3 days
Have you long dreamed of climbing the highest peak in the Ukrainian Carpathians? We will help you to fulfill your dream!
1-2 days
1 - 2 days
We invite you to feel the drive from quadricycles in the vicinity of Lviv or jeep with wonderful views of the Ukrainian Carpathians !!!
1 day
The Carpathians are the epicenter of winter recreation and one of the best places for skiing. If you want to break into the full - here it is for you. Where to go skiing?
1 day