Lemberg Tour Lviv / Carpathian tram, Dovbush rocks and Goshiv monastery on the Yasna Gora (Mountain)

Carpathian tram, Dovbush rocks and Goshiv monastery on the Yasna Gora (Mountain)

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Take a ride with the wind in the Carpathian narrow-line railway, receive the blessing from the Mother of God – “Queen of the Carpathians” on Yasna Gora Mountain and try to find the treasures of the legendary guerilla leader Oleksa Dovbush. What an adventure for an interesting and busy day !!!

First of all, you will be able to pray on the Yasna Gora (Mountain) in Goshiv for the beginning of the good day, where you will find the legendary monastery with the miraculous icon of the God’s Mother, a copy of Czestochowa Virgin Mary. They call it the “Queen of the Carpathians”, the view from the monastery site onto the outskirts is really royal !!!

Carpathian tram – a narrow-gauge railway, which was built in the late nineteenth century by Baron Leopold Popper for the transportation of wood. The route of the trip runs along the Mizunka River with stops near springs, hanging bridges, waterfalls and treatments from the locals.

The picturesque mountain nature will smash you in the other mysterious corner of the Beskid Mountains – Dovbush Rocks. These mighty and bizarre rocks, according to local legends, were one of the hermits of the legendary guerillas and their leader, Oleksa Dovbush.