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Love your travels, nature, and enjoy a delicious one – then invite you to a bike trip to the unique Eliza Farm. Here you will taste ecologically clean products and you will see with their own eyes the process of their production. And also get acquainted with the inhabitants of the farm. During the journey you will find a number of interesting objects, among which are the Rodiatsky Church, the Palace of the Martians in Sudovaya Vyshne, the Palace of Strachok and many more. So, unforgettable impressions, a bright photo session and a full backpack of positive and tasty souvenirs are provided to you. And all this will be flavored with interesting stories and picturesque landscapes!

Route: with. Rodantiki – with. Dmitrovichi – the city of Sudovaya Vyshne – Mostyska.

Length of the route: 46 km.

Duration: 1 day



The mountains fascinate, heal, fall in love … The mountains do not leave anyone indifferent … If you love the mountains so, we invite you to dive into the fabulous world of the Skole Beskydy! When you travel on iron horses, you fill with the purity of the mountain air and immerse yourself in crystal springs and waterfalls, and feel the taste of the national cuisine. You will also visit the ancient rock fortress “Tustan” and the balneological resorts of Skhidnytsya and Truskavets. So we invite you to the Carpathians full of mystery and adventure!

Route: Skole city – with. Suburbs – village of Urych – urban area. Skhidnytsya – Boryslav city – Truskavets city

Length of the route: 78 km.

Duration: 2 days



Three-day cycling tours of the Ukrainian Carpathians, designed specifically for lovers of traveling in nature, since most of the route runs on roads that are not loaded with road transport.