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Castles of the Golden Horseshoe

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If you want to visit the places where the Polish kings were born, where Bogdan Khmelnytsky spent his childhood and finally admire the glory of the Galician Versailles, then we invite you to this one-day journey.

The castles of the Golden Horseshoe are located not far from Lviv in Olesko, Pidhirtsi, and Zolochiv. All of them are branches of the Lviv Art Gallery. In the oldest of the preserved castles of Galicia – Olesk castle an exhibition of Lviv art of the 15th-18th centuries is hosted.

Pidhirtsi castle is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Ukraine, and here in the famous Soviet film D’Artagnan brought a pendant for the French Queen. Here you can walk the old park with terraces and enjoy the magnificent views, but the castle for the last 15 years is under renovation.

In the Great Royal Palace of Zolochiv Castle you can admire the interiors of that time, of those times when there was a residence of the Polish king Jan III Sobieski, and in the courtyard you will be able to behold the Chinese palace – one of the three so-called palaces preserved in Europe.

And afterward you’be able to try to unravel the mysterious symbols of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries on the massive stones near the gate. Perhaps this is in fact the secret of the treasures of the legendary Templars?!?!