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Castles of Transcarpathia

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The most western region of Ukraine – Transcarpathia is actually not so far from Lviv. Take advantage of the opportunity to travel through the Carpathians and visit the three most famous palace-castle complexes of the Carpathian Rus located over the Cartpathian mountain-pass.

Number one along our route is the former hunting palace of the dukes of Shenborns, still waiting for us behind the Verytskyi mountain-pass in the Carpathian Mountains. This is a romantic castle-palace with very interesting symbols: 365 windows, as the days of the year, 52 chimneys – as weeks, 12 entrances – as months. The exact time can still be checked by the solar clock which can be found on one of the walls of the palace. The palace itself is located in the park-dendrarium of the XIX century with exotic trees, lakes and a spring of youth and beauty.

One of the most fortified castles of medieval Europe – “Palanok” is located in the middle of a plain on a volcanic hilltop almost in the center of the modern city of Mukachevo. From the bastions of the castle you can admire the views and get acquainted with the heroic and romantic legends of the fortress located on the river Latoritsa.

Lastly, you will have a chance to visit the largest city and administrative center of the region – Uzhhorod and its castle Ungvar. This is a castle, which has protected the city on the river Uzh for more than a thousand years. There are now many expositions of local cultural and historical museums. In the yard you will seeby Hercules and the turtle mythical bird. You can also try well-known Transcarpathian wines.