Lemberg Tour Lviv / Збірні екскурсії
The oldest part of Lviv city arose in the late 16th and early 17th centuries and was built by the hands of masters from various European countries. But the Italians masters brought here the spirit of the Renaissance.
For almost 150 years, Lviv was part of the Austrian Empire. During this period, Lviv after the princely times again received the status of the capital of the kingdom - the kingdom of Galicia and Volodymyr, thus was the largest province of the Hapsburgs officially called.
Walk the oldest and probably the quietest neighborhoods of the central part of Lviv - Pidzamche. Here the city began to grow, which was founded by Danylo Halytsky and presented to his son Lev (Lion).
How do you think for how long now Lviv is brewing fresh beer? In fact, according to researchers, nearly 600 years. And the oldest operating brewery works in Lviv since 1715. Founded by the Jesuit monks. It is from the monk brewer we start our brewing excursion.
Lviv and coffee - these concepts have been inseparable for more than a hundred years. In fact, the beginning of the coffee history of Lviv is "Viennese coffee house", but coffee in Vienna itself also appeared thanks to the Galician man!!!! How it came about and what happened one can learn during our excursion !!!
Every ancient city has many mysteries and secrets. Legendary stories tell with enthusiasm about secret moves, underground treasures and ghosts. Lviv in this regard is no exception.
In many ways, the Jewish community of Lviv was unique. In Lviv, by the end of the 18th century, there were two separate communities: in the city center and in the Krakiv suburb. We will be visiting both of them.
Lviv is not only a pedestrian part in the city center. Many interesting places are located in the distance. You will visit them during a bus tour of Lviv.
Lviv is the "Ukraine's Cradle of Independence", "the inspiration of the Ukrainian revolutions", "the most Ukrainian city in Ukraine", and so on. Why so? We will try to figure it out with you.