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Magic Lviv underground

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Every ancient city has many mysteries and secrets. Legendary stories tell with enthusiasm about secret moves, underground treasures and ghosts. Lviv in this regard is no exception.

In the old city, the dungeon is almost under each house. They are used very differently and not all of them are of course now available.

During our excursion you will get acquainted with the monastery dungeons of the Dominican and Jesuit Fathers. Here you will see the monastic cells as well as the places of their burial places with the mystical sarcophagus of Archbishop Vyzhytsky, and you will also hear mystical monastic stories. In the dungeons of the Jesuit monastery, you will also be able to get acquainted with the mock-ups of the ancient city, and to better understand what the city looked at that time. When these dungeons were built.

In the underground pharmacy-museum you learn not only about the preparation of drugs in ancient times. But you will also visit the alchemist’s laboratory, and wine-making, where the locals once enjoyed “medical wine”.

And if you are interested in looking at the underground Lviv River, then you can go to its “Left Bank” near the opera house to see how our Poltva flows.

You can end your walk in one of the dungeons with a smell of coffee and enjoy a glass of magical tasty drink.