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Acquaintance with the Galichyna

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If you have a free weekend and you want to spend it in Lviv and get a quick and interesting acquainted not only with the city but also with the surrounding area, then this program is for you !!! In three days you will be able to feel the history of the city from the prince’s time till today and it’s all flavored with the treasures of Lviv museums, legends, the taste of Lviv beer and the aroma of Lviv coffee with fresh hot chocolate !!! And in one of the days you will be able to relax from the city life by visiting the legendary castles of the “Golden Horseshoe in Lviv region”. You will know where the beloved Polish kings come from and where Bogdan Khmelnytsky spent his childhood, you will see “Galician Versailles” with your own eyes and be able to make a wish at the Templar’s stone. So go ahead to Lviv !!!

Day 1
Arrival to Lviv in the morning. Meeting at the train station. First acquaintance with the city: its history and geography. Religious denominations of Lviv. Neogothic church of St. Elizabeth and Olga. Pearl of the Ukrainian Baroque - St. George's Cathedral. Lviv is the administrative and financial center of the Habsburg monarchy. Kingly Lviv is the capital of the Ruthenian kingdom. Onufriivsky monastery is the burial place of the first-printer Ivan Fedorov. The princely churches of St. Nicholas and St. John the Baptist. Overview of the panorama of the city from the mountain of High Castle (the highest point of Lviv). Transfer by bus to the city center. Accommodation at the hotel. Free time to buy souvenirs. Walking tour. Lviv Opera House, Svobody avenue, monument to T. Shevchenko, Church of St. Apostle Peter and Paul of the Order of the Jesuits, Latin Cathedral, Market Square, Armenian Cathedral, Pharmacy Museum, Dominican Cathedral, architectural ensemble of the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Mother of God, defensive structures of ancient Lviv, former Jewish quarter, St. Andrew's Cathedral, Monument to Danylo Halytsky, Mary’s Square and Square of A. Mickiewicz. Accommodation at the hotel. Dinner.
Day 2
Country excursion "Golden Horseshoe of Lviv Region". History of Galicia and its defenses buildings. Ancient Ruthenian city of Plisnesko. Olesky, Podgoretsky and Zolochiv castles, Basilian monastery. Dinner. Overnight at the hotel.
Day 3
Morning program, commuting on public transport (optional bus booking). Excursion to the Lychakiv Cemetery. Graves of I. Franko, M. Shashkevich, S. Krushelnytska, S. Lyudkevich, as well as other prominent figures of religion, science and culture. The military memorials of the UGA soldiers, a well-known burial place of Polish soldiers, called "Cemetery of eaglets" and Soviet soldiers, called the Mars Field. Visit of the Museum of Folk Architecture and everyday life in Shevchenko grove, where a beautiful architecture of the western regions of Ukraine is reproduced in a beautiful landscape. Free time / Lunch. Independent visit to Lviv museums. (Museum of Arsenal Weapons, Historical Museum, Museum of Religion, Ethnographic Museum, Art Gallery, National Museum). Free time. Completion of the program. Departure from Lviv.



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