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Royal Zhovkva and Basilian Monastery in Krekhov

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If you are interested in history and architecture and at the same time want to relax from the city noise in the open air and closer to nature, and haven’t got enought time to go to the Carpathians mountains, then this trip is specially for you!

The town of Zhovkva was built for the Polish Crown Hetman Stanislav Zholkevsky mainly by the hands of Italian architects according to the principles of the “ideal” city of the Renaissance. Here you will find the remains of defensive buildings with a castle, majestic cathedrals, one of the oldest synagogues in Europe, as well as a memorial of UNESCO World Heritage Site – the wooden temple of the Holy Trinity.

The Greek-Catholic monastery in Krekhov is located in the magnificent beech forest belonging to the Yavoriv National Park. Here you can relax as nowhere from the hustle of modern urban life. The old stone church of St. Nicholas and newly rebuilt wooden Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord are both located on the territory of a beautifully restored defensive monastery with towers. In good weather, you can walk through the woods to a miraculous spring and to the rocks where the first hermit monks once settled.